Summertime snacking!

Who doesn't love quick and easy snacks that are nutritious and delicious for summertime?! Often times, parents wonder what kinds of healthy snacks to pack for their children that they will actually eat and enjoy. Here at GLAD, we let parents know that a nutritious diet is essential for overall healthy oral hygiene. There are many options for quick and simple healthy summertime recipes that are full of nutritional ingredients that will keep children fueled for all of their summertime activities, camps, and play dates! Some of our favorite snacks are: 1.) Bagel Gone Bananas 2.) Tortilla Pizzas 3.) Little Dippers 4.) Fruit Pie 5.) Cucumber Boats


1.)Bagel Gone Bananas: 2 tablespoons natural nut butter (almond or peanut), 1 teaspoon of...

Healthy tips to care for your baby's teeth and oral health

It is very important to care for your baby's teeth and oral health from birth. Their teeth are the placeholders for their permanent teeth to come in later on, and they also help your baby to speak and eat.

To help prevent or reduce tooth decay, it is essential to begin practicing healthy habits at an early stage. From birth to age six months of age, wrap a damp washcloth around your finger and gently massage the gum tissues. This will help create healthy gums and teeth as they begin to appear. Always remember to never put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, as this could lead to decay of their teeth.

Your baby will most likely get his/her first tooth between the ages of six to eight months. It is essential to care for his/her ...